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Complete , professional and fast grooming ? Our comb is designed for that.

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The excess hair makes your 4 paws uncomfortable and creates constant hair loss in them.
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Our comb  removes knots , removes dead hair and  promotes blood circulation  by stimulating blood drainage, it also promotes the secretion of natural sebum while giving your pet a pleasant massage .      
It is simply the solution to make your 4 paws happy while having a soft, shiny and healthy coat. 

 Double-sided and Multifunctional .

 ✔  One side with serrated blades  for grooming .
 ✔  Another side to massage the skin of your 4 paws or collect the hairs resulting from grooming.    

 For all animals.

Long haired dogs, short haired dogs, cats. 

Prevents the appearance of fleas.

Dead hair is a breeding ground for fleas and other insects that are harmful to your pets' health, such as ticks.

These dead hairs are of no use to your dogs, it is important to get rid of them to prevent the appearance of fleas.

Have a good time with your 4 legs:

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Grooming with your comb is a great moment of relaxation for your pet, it brings him closer to you and  strengthens your relationship.  


  • ✔️  Removes 100% of dead hair
  • ✔️ Safe for your pet
  • ✔️ Quickly detects trauma and skin disease.
  • ✔️ Improves coat health
  • ✔️ Massages the animal's skin
  • ✔️ For all animals: Dogs and Cats.
  • ✔️ Adjustable according to the size of the hairs
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